Recoiling Services provided by Coil Steels

Our Coil Steels team understands that providing our customers with correctly tensioned recoils is vital for maximising efficiencies in manufacturing lines when the coil is uncoiled through the line. Recoiling services provided by Coil Steels are best in class. We pride ourselves on providing bookend finish recoils, tensioned correctly to provide round recoils, and calibrated to increase efficiency. We take care to provide the best in recoils because we understand this reduces reworks, maximises output and labour, and provides optimal material usage for our customers resulting in less waste. Minimal bore and mandril marks mean better yield per coil so our customers can use their material to the last wrap in most cases. 

Recoiling involves rewinding large coils into smaller coils, called recoils, and adjusting them to the desired weight. Slitting and recoiling, on the other hand, entail feeding a steel coil through a specialised slitter machine, which employs multiple sharp blades to cut the coil into narrower strips. These thin strips are then rewound or recoiled at the opposite end of the machine, resulting in smaller coils that are efficiently stored, transported, and utilised in various manufacturing applications.

The process of slitting and recoiling enables Coil Steels to supply slit recoils that find widespread use across industries such as building products, HVAC, automotive components, and many more. By offering this processing service, we ensure that our customers receive steel recoils tailored to their specific requirements, providing them with efficient and versatile materials for their manufacturing processes.

To learn more, download our Processing Brochure below:

Coil Steels Processing Brochure WEB