Coil Steel serves the Agriculture Industry

Coil Steels is dedicated to meeting the specific steel requirements of farmers and agricultural manufacturers. Our teams understand the diverse needs of the agriculture industry and are well-equipped to supply a comprehensive range of sheet and coil products tailored to suit farming necessities and agricultural manufacturing demands.

We offer an extensive selection of products and services that cater to various equipment needs on rural farms. From sugar farming machinery, tractors, chaser bins, silos, livestock transport, and shedding equipment, Coil Steels ensures reliable supply to support our agricultural customers in Australia.

Our teams deliver extensive industry expertise in managing farming projects, both large and small – recognising the importance of maintaining a seamless supply chain, constant communication throughout the design-to-completion process, and meticulous material traceability, particularly for agricultural applications. We offer a diverse range of uncoated and coated sheet and coil products and we can explore custom steel grades beyond our standard range.

By partnering with Coil Steels, you gain access to our offerings comprising of BlueScope-manufactured steel products like COLORBOND® steel, TRUECORE® steel, ZINCAULME® steel, GAVABOND® steel, GAVASPAN® steel, XLERPLATE® steel, TRU-SPEC® steel, and REDCOR® steel. We also provide various third-party certification options and accommodate non-standard test requirements. With our unwavering commitment to quality, we assist in mitigating compliance risks through our ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation, ensuring traceability, compliance, and peace of mind.

Our reliable systems and knowledgeable steel industry professionals instill confidence in our ability to provide steel solutions to our valued commercial building clientele. Supply solutions offered include Just-In-Time (JIT Delivery), consignment options for recoils, and slit sizes to suit roll-forming processes.

Additionally, we provide technical support for the materials we source and supply. Our sales teams collaborate with many suppliers, local and overseas to source specially designed steel products and grades that go beyond the standard range, catering to unique building processes.