Slitting Services provided by Coil Steels

Steel coil slitting is a process that involves cutting a wide steel coil into narrower strips of desired widths. Our slitters consist of multiple circular blades mounted on parallel shafts that rotate simultaneously, cutting through the coil as it passes through. The resulting strips, known as slit coils, are then wound onto separate recoiling machines, creating multiple narrower coils from the original wide coil.

With a total capacity of 500,000 tonnes p.a and the ability to handle coils up to 15 tonnes, our operations can provide slitting and shearing of a wide range of materials. We employ lean manufacturing principles to help reduce costs and improve efficiency to provide a flexible low-cost solution to meet your processing needs.

Slitting Capabilities

QLD: Thickness 0.30mm – 6.00mm, Up to  1830mm wide coil

NSW: Thickness 0.30mm – 3.20mm, Up to 1260mm wide coil

VIC: Thickness 0.30mm – 4.00mm, Up to 1250mm wide coil

The slitting process provides several benefits to our customers:

  • Customisable Widths
    Slitting allows for precise customisation of steel coil widths to meet specific customer requirements. It enables the production of narrower strips that can be used directly in various applications, eliminating the need for customers to cut the wide coil themselves.

  • Enhanced Efficiency
    Slit coils provide improved efficiency in storage, transportation, and handling. By reducing the coil width, the material can be stored in a more compact manner, optimising warehouse space, and saving our customers’ warehouse space, time, and money. Smaller coils are also easier to handle and transport, ensuring smoother logistics.

  • Cost Savings
    Slitting eliminates the need for customers to purchase wider coils and cut them down to size, reducing waste and overall material costs. Additionally, the customisation of coil widths allows for more efficient material utilisation, minimising scrap and maximising yield.

  • Improved Manufacturing
    Slit coils facilitate streamlined manufacturing processes. The narrower strips are ready for immediate use, eliminating the need for additional cutting and processing steps. This results in faster production cycles, increased productivity, and improved overall efficiency.

  • Versatility
    Slit coils offer versatility in various industries and applications. The narrower strips can be directly utilized in the production of diverse products, including steel roofing, cladding, automotive parts and components, and much more.

Slitting provides customers with the advantages of customized widths, enhanced efficiency, cost savings, improved manufacturing processes, and versatility. It is a valuable service that optimizes the usability, productivity, and profitability of steel materials in various manufacturing sectors. To learn more, download our Processing Brochure below.

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