Shearing Services provided by Coil Steels

Our Coil Steels distribution sites provide shearing services for customers who require sheets and products sheared to size for their manufacturing processes. With our shearing capabilities, we can efficiently cut steel coils into sheet steel packs, ready for delivery, storage, and utilisation on our customers’ machines.

We understand the importance of having readily available stock, which is why our teams maintain an inventory of standard sheet sizes for popular products like COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, galvanised, hot rolled, and cold rolled sheet.

Shearing Capabilities

QLD: Thickness 0.30mm – 3.00mm, Up to 1500mm wide coil

NSW: Thickness 0.30mm – 3.00mm, Up to 1260mm wide coil

VIC: 0.40mm – 4.00mm, Up to 1525mm wide coil

The shearing process provides several benefits to our customers:

  • Customisation
    Shearing allows for precise cutting of steel coils to specific sizes required by the customer. This enables customization based on the dimensions and specifications needed for their particular applications.

  • Increased Efficiency
    By obtaining steel sheets cut to the desired size, our customers can save time and money in their manufacturing processes. They can directly use the sheared sheets without the need for additional cutting or processing, leading to improved operational efficiency.

  • Waste Reduction
    Shearing helps minimise material waste. This promotes efficient utilisation of feed coils, reducing overall costs and environmental impact.

  • Improved Handling and Storage
    Sheared sheets are easier to handle. Smaller sizes facilitate better storage, transportation, and logistics in our customers’ manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

  • Enhanced Precision
    Shearing offers high precision and accuracy in cutting, resulting in straight and clean edges. This ensures that the sheared steel sheets fit seamlessly into our customers’ manufacturing processes, reducing errors and rework.

Overall, shearing provides customers with the flexibility to obtain customized steel sheets of desired sizes, streamlining their manufacturing operations, reducing waste, and improving productivity. To learn more, download our Processing Brochure below.

Coil Steels Processing Brochure WEB