Coil Steels Value-Added Services

At Coil Steels, we take pride in supplying Australian businesses with their steel sheet and coil product requirements. Our commitment to helping our customers deliver their projects on time with fit-for-purpose products and services to match is central to the value we provide. Our dedicated sales teams serve customers across diverse industries across Australia. We understand that project success relies on effective coordination and communication. To support our customers, we have developed a range of services that allow them to focus on their core competencies while we manage their sheet and coil inventory requirements.

With our industry experience, we ensure that project milestones are met by sourcing sheet and coil materials from multiple suppliers, managing production schedules, and efficiently processing and delivering products. This streamlined approach provides our customers with ease of doing business, simplifying their project management process.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Sheet & Coil Processing
    We can deliver custom-cut and processed sheet and coil products, allowing our customers to further transform these materials into a wide range of finished products. Whether it’s precision cutting, shaping, or other processing requirements, we have the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs and support your manufacturing processes effectively. Coil Steels can then perform slitting, shearing, and recoiling processes to precisely tailor the coils to the specific sizes required by our customers, aligning with their unique manufacturing needs.

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  • Project Management and Forecasting
    We offer customers the convenience of having their sheet and coil products readily available for specific projects and jobs. This ensures a high level of efficiency, providing the reassurance that the required materials will be accessible when needed. Our dedicated sales teams take charge of forecasting to ensure project success. This process is carefully discussed and planned in collaboration with our customers, aligning with delivery schedules. By providing reliable access to materials and implementing efficient inventory management practices, Coil Steels strive to enhance our customers’ operational effectiveness and overall satisfaction.

  • Traceability
    We understand our customers’ projects require traceability to ensure products sourced comply with relevant Australian standards. We work with your sales, project, and procurement teams to discuss your project’s traceability requirements and provide test certificates to match.  

  • Consignment
    We optimise stock handling efficiencies through consignment arrangements, ensuring sheet and coil products are readily available when needed by our customers. Our dedicated sales team facilitates regular stocktaking, guaranteeing smooth invoicing and optimal cash flow. We align with agreed-upon cycles such as weekly, fortnightly, or monthly options for consignment stock.

  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Delivery
    From project initiation to completion, our dedicated teams are equipped to collaborate with your business seamlessly. We excel in coordinating the timely delivery of materials, ensuring they are available Just-In-Time (JIT) at the required locations. This streamlined approach enables your project to progress smoothly, eliminating bottlenecks in production lines. Leveraging our expertise, we have mastered the art of coordinating diverse product deliveries to meet project milestones. As a result, you can free up valuable warehouse space and maintain manageable inventory levels, optimizing your operational efficiency.

  • Product labeling and identification
    By providing clear product labeling, we streamline manufacturing processes, saving time and improving accuracy for our customers. Sheet and coil products are labeled to be identified with ease, including part numbers and certification stamps.

With these services, Coils Steels aims to support our customers in achieving their goals by providing efficient supply chain services to simplify their procurement and manufacturing processes. To learn more, download our Processing Brochure below.

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