TRU-SPEC® steel Supplied by Coil Steels

When our customers require plate products to complement their sheet and coil needs, Coil Steels can supply a range of the BlueScope manufactured coil plate product, TRU-SPEC® steel. TRU-SPEC® steel was designed to suit the needs of laser profiling applications, providing a product that has excellent flatness to offer improved cutting, the product behaves with consistency when cutting due to its memory-free feature. memory free steel is less likely to have flex during processing, which minimises any effects on processing equipment. This feature is achieved through a process called stretch-leveling, which removes the imbalance of internal stress on the product, thus producing consistent flatness.

Available in structural, formable, and analysis grades, typical applications for TRU-SPEC® steel plate include light structural members or purlins, roll-forming applications, press brake forming applications, general fabrication, and galvanising applications.

With Coil Steels, customers have access to TRU-SPEC® steel plate products to complement their sheet and coil product requirements for use in their manufacturing processes, backed by personalised service, technical support, and processing to suit.   

For all product and technical information such as product datasheets, safety data sheets, environmental product declarations, and brochures please refer to our RESOURCES.

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