TRUECORE® steel Supplied and Processed by Coil Steels

TRUECORE® steel products are utilised in the manufacture of steel framing products, often used in residential housing and multi-storey construction projects. Also used commercial building projects such as educational buildings and healthcare facilities TRUECORE® steel more than delivers. With convenient distribution locations throughout Australia, the experienced team at Coil Steels specialises in supplying TRUECORE® steel coil products to customers who roll-form light gauge steel frame building products. With our state-of-the-art in-house steel slitting services, Coil Steels supplies TRUECORE® steel in coils slit to the most efficient manufacturing sizes to suit our customers’ roll-forming processes. We understand delivering our customers their TRUECORE® steel coils on time keeps their manufacturing processes running.

Our Coil Steels team understand getting your TRUECORE® steel coil products when you need them, and fast, is vital to keeping your roll forming schedule on track. This reduces time in waiting and the need to have large stockholdings creates efficiencies for your teams, frees up cash flow and maximises your output.

That’s why Coil Steels is committed to offering consignment options and to maintaining robust stockholdings on our floor, available on next-day delivery, and managed for you by us with personalised service. We take the time to understand what matters most to your business and work with you to deliver on it.

Precision-engineered house frames, made from TRUECORE® steel, offer benefits such as being lightweight, yet consistent and highly reliable in strength. For commercial building projects, frames engineered from TRUECORE® steel have excellent strength-to-weight ratios, which provides greater design flexibility. Backed by technical support, strong branding and warranty, sourcing your TRUECORE® steel coil with Coil Steels for your next framing project has never been easier.

For all product and technical information such as product datasheets, safety data sheets, environmental product declarations, and brochures please refer to our RESOURCES.

TRUECORE® steel Benefits

TRUECORE® steel is manufactured by BlueScope in accordance with the relevant Australian standards (AS1397:2011 and AS/NZS 1365:1996). These standards encompass requirements for thickness, width, mechanical properties, and coating mass. TRUECORE® steel has a distinctive blue resin applied, which makes light gauge steel frames made from TRUECORE® steel coil easily identified across building sites. Along with this distinctive blue colour, the product comes clearly branded with the TRUECORE® steel trademark, providing confidence in the product’s quality and compliance.

The inherent strength and durability of TRUECORE® steel provide structural integrity in various environments and conditions, with no concerns of shrinking, twisting, or warping. Frames constructed with TRUECORE® steel feature BlueScope’s Activate® technology, providing enhanced corrosion resistance.

TRUECORE® steel offers many benefits to roll formers and end-users:

  • High-Strength and Lightweight
    TRUECORE® steel is manufactured using advanced steel technology, resulting in a high-strength material with a low weight-to-strength ratio. Offering excellent structural integrity while being lighter compared to traditional steel makes TRUECORE® steel advantageous for applications where weight reduction is desired without compromising strength.
  • Grade Variations
    TRUECORE® steel is available in various grades, each offering specific properties and strengths. These grades include TRUECORE® G300, TRUECORE® G450, and TRUECORE® G550. The different grades allow for tailored solutions based on specific application requirements, enabling optimal performance in different load-bearing scenarios.
  • Formability
    TRUECORE® steel exhibits excellent formability and workability, allowing for easy fabrication, shaping and installation. This versatility makes TRUECORE® steel suitable for various framing applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    TRUECORE® steel is typically coated with a protective layer, providing exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Design Flexibility
    TRUECORE® steel’s high strength-to-weight ratio and formability offer design flexibility. It allows architects and engineers to create innovative and efficient structures, utilising their lightweight nature while maintaining structural integrity. This flexibility enables cost-effective design solutions, reduces material usage, and allows for creative architectural expressions.
  • Sustainability
    TRUECORE® steel is an environmentally friendly choice. Its lightweight nature reduces transportation costs and energy consumption during construction, contributing to overall sustainability efforts.

TRUECORE® steel’s versatility and performance characteristics contribute to efficient and durable framing structures while offering potential cost savings and environmental benefits. Our team at Coil Steels is experienced in the TRUECORE® steel range and can provide the processing needed to suit your steel framing manufacturing requirements.

Coil Steels is a proud member of the National Association of Steel Framed Housing NASH.

For all product and technical information such as product datasheets, safety data sheets, environmental product declarations, and brochures please refer to our RESOURCES.

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