Hot Rolled Sheet & Coil Products Supplied and Processed by Coil Steels

Coil Steels supply the range of BlueScope-manufactured hot rolled coil products. Hot rolled coil products manufactured by BlueScope suit a range of applications where our customers require specific strength, ductility, weldability, and bendability properties to complete their processes.

Hot rolled sheet and hot rolled coil products are often used in applications such as structural sections through to automotive components, the range comes in a suite of products that encompasses analysis, structural, and formable hot rolled products. Also supplied in a wide range of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to suit manufacturing processes.

Coil Steels supplies hot rolled coil products as mill edge or trimmed (by inquiry), pickled and oiled, or pickled and not oiled. With our in-house shearing services, Coil Steels can also cut to length hot rolled coil to a range of sheet sizes to maximise our customers’ manufacturing processes.

Hot Rolled Steel coil products manufactured by BlueScope conform to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1594:2002.

For all product and technical information such as product datasheets, safety data sheets, environmental product declarations, and brochures please refer to our RESOURCES.

BRIGHTFORM® steel supplied and processed by Coil Steels

BRIGHTFORM® steel is a pickled, skin-passed, low-carbon steel with a good surface, suitable for bending and moderate drawing and pressing. Manufactured by BlueScope, typical uses include tubing, shelving, simple pressings, and hidden appliance panels. Coil Steels can supply BRIGHTFORM® steel in sheet and coil form.

  • Thickness Range: 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
  • Width Range: 910, 1210, 1510mm
  • Surface Finish: Pickled & oiled, skin-passed
  • Edge Condition: Untrimmed (Mill Edge)
  • Tolerance: AS/NZS 1365:1996 (R2016)

XTRAFORM® steel supplied and processed by Coil Steels

Available by inquiry, XTRAFORM® steel products are typically used for automotive components, gas cylinders, roll forming applications, press brake forming applications, and general fabrications.

Other Hot Rolled Steel Sheet and Coil Products supplied and processed by Coil Steels

As part of our commitment to our customers, at Coil Steels our experienced team can discuss your requirements and source the right Hot Rolled coil product for your needs. With our extensive supplier networks, our team can collaborate with your project team to investigate a number of hot-rolled products, all conforming to applicable Australian Standards. Our focus is to deliver a flexible, tailored hot rolled steel supply solution that suits each customer individually.

Industry-Leading Sheet and Coil Processing Services for Hot Rolled Steel Sheet and Coil Products

Catering to customers in various manufacturing, roll-forming, fabrication, and many other applications with our in-house slitting, shearing, and re-coiling processing equipment, we have the capability to supply our customers with steel sheet and coil products in the precise forms they require. This encompasses steel sheet packs and slit coils tailored to their project/business specifications.

Our Coil Steels teams boast extensive industry experience, and through our network, we provide customers with the necessary technical product knowledge to select the appropriate hot-rolled steel products for their specific needs.

Customers can leverage our expertise in hot-rolled steel products to manufacture a diverse range of end-user items. We take pride in our comprehensive range of products, high-quality processing standards, and proficiency in supply chain and project management, all of which combine to offer our customers a complete solution. Coil Steels customers can rely on the effectiveness of our sales teams, instilling confidence in the knowledge that the required high-quality products will be available on time and in accordance with project or manufacturing schedules.

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